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Mar 4
 posted by Samantha E Andrew  Andrew from United States on March 04, 2023 5:50 khishagrimes669@gmail.com permalink comments (0)

I'm Samantha E Andrew, citizen of London, UK. I reside here in Atlanta Georgia, USA. Am a Philanthropist by profession and i had an increase on my income during Pandemic as a result of my several investment, my return profit was higher than loss, i read about crypto investment and NTFs, i was very much interested on this trade platform and decide to contact the broker's, I invested $1.350k on the broker platform, we talked on phone calls everyday and i felt very safe cause on the broker site i always look out how my capital keeps growing, it was up to $8m at this time i decided to withdraw $6.5m so i can buy a property then i was asked for Tax fee, i paid $650k for Tax fee in hope that i will have my funds and then the constant request of fees keeps coming. before i realized it was a scam i have lost all i had I was so depress, couldn't tell anyone cause i was so ashamed of myself, i came across an article online and also heard the same name on radio FM how he has helped a lot of people to get back there funds, after having a taught about it i decide to reached out to wizardharry@programmer.net in an anonymous way cause i needed to interview him, he proved to know what he is doing so i opened up and hired him, 72 hours was all it took him to get me back my funds. all thanks to wizard Harry, you can WhatsApp him ( 1)807-808 6168.

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