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Mar 3
 posted by Kroos  David from on March 03, 2023 1:25 kroosdavid15@gmail.com permalink comments (0)

The break down of communication is the start of the infidelity. in the case of emotional infidelity where the spouse puts more energy in a new person rather than having a conversation with their partner about their needs,concerns etc.. why is it so difficult for 2 people to communicate their wants, needs, etc.? I also believe with some people they are extremely lazy and hate conflict. They feel they should be continuously entertained and make very little effort on keeping a marriage It was like performing a circus that's not interesting in my relationship my Husband started portraying this kind of attitude that made me shook my head saying THIS Husband IS REALLY SOMETHING ELSE... I informed a computer geek and he told me about luciferhacker750@yahoo.com WhatsApp 1(315)388-2001
, I went up to him,i just gave him her username and in 30mins he got me into his account without notifying him and then found out that he was seeing another girl..

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