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Jan 23
 posted by Nora  Mikkelsen from United States on January 23, 2023 12:08 noramikkelsen089@gmail.com permalink comments (0)

I lost my crypto worth $7000 to some rip-offs who claimed to be investors. A few months back , I got lured into the trading platform with an intent of earning 5% profit daily on a trading platform. When it came time to withdraw, this was also the time they were asking for me to pay even more cash on their website. In spite of paying all the fees I was still not able to withdraw my wallet funds. It was at this time I discovered that I was duped, and so many other lots of people. This got me so down and virtually loosing focus at work . This is when I met a discreet hacker and a fast one, Software Specialist. I wrote him about my predicament to his email at softwarespecialist@usa.com. He was able to recover my stolen crypto from these so called investors few days after constant communication with him. Send your complaint to him for recovery of stolen crypto and other digital assets for his assistance.

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